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i-COMS: interprotein COrrelated Mutations Server

A webserver to calculate correlated mutations between proteins

i-Coms allows to estimate covariation between residues of different proteins by four different covariation methods. It automatically builds the required MSAs for the calculation given two or more starting query sequences

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Input your query proteins

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Taxonomic IDs are made of integer numbers only.

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Advanced Options

If you have a PDB structure for a protein complex and you would like to compare covariation results versus true protein contacts, please upload your PDB

If you already have Multiple Sequence Alignments suitable for calculating inter-protein coevolution, please upload your alignments

  1. Use a job description to easily recognize your job.

  2. You can provide an email address so we can notify you when your job is done.

  3. Identify your protein using a custom name.

  4. You can copy&paste a protein sequence or you can use a Uniprot Accesion number. This field is mandatory.

  5. Use the Upload button to upload your data to the server. Now, click on the Upload button and continue.

  6. The uploaded sequence is scanned using Pfam Hidden Markov models (HMMs). You can select one domain or use the whole protein. In this example, we will use the whole protein.

  7. Now, let's upload the data for the second protein.

  8. You can add up to six protein to be calculated at once.

  9. You can also restrain the sequence search for creating alignments to certain domains of life using an NCBI Taxonomy ID. For example, to restrict the search only to Eukarya use tax id: 2759.

  10. Now that we are done, let's move onto the next step. Click on the Submit button to continue.

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